Full service bid package management for public works projects.

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Ordered way too many plans at the start of a project
Unannounced visits from contractors to review plans
Didn’t have plans to provide a contractor because we had already run out
Forgot to add a company to the plan holders list
Wasted hours sending addendums and chasing receipt confirmations

Why top architecture firms work with Biddy to manage their bid package process

Leave it to us

Saves their PM’s hundreds of hours on every public project by putting the tedious work on us

Public projects only

It’s the ONLY bid package management tool specifically designed for the unique requirements of public projects

Ditch the paper

With 80% or more of bidders opting for digital bid documents, clients save tens of thousands on unnecessary printing costs

How we manage your projects from start to finish


Leave it to us

Simple Online Submission

Simply upload your files and enter a few project details and then our team of experts will perform a thorough review before posting online

Get ahead of the curve

Start adding your project early and either save as a draft or schedule it to be published at a future date

Granular Bid Management

Itemize each sub-contract and set specific pre-bid and bid deadlines for each one

We manage the project

Public Planroom

Your public, fully branded planroom makes all relevant bid details easily available to interested contractors and saves everyone a ton of time. Your projects plan holder’s list is always up-to-date and publicly visible

Send Addendums and Updates

With an airtight list of plan holders, simply upload each addendum or update and we’ll handle making sure everyone gets it, along with full tracking of delivery receipts.

Give access to key partners

Give access to the project to your in-house teammates and outside project partners like the legal team and client representatives with full control over the user permissions and access levels so everyone always stays fully in the loop without losing security.

We close the project

Planholders in one place

You then get a complete list of all plan holders along with details about which parts of the project they are interested in

Offer contractors sealed bid submission

Offer contractors a simple way to submit and retract their bid proposals and documents online through the same platform they use to download them. The platform automatically locks out bids being submitted after the deadline has passed for ultimate compliance and security

View all bidders in one place

Bidding managers can see “outside the envelope” details about each bid that is submitted or retracted all in one place, and can only unseal the bids once the deadline has passed

Biddy is FREE for architecture firms and public entities!

But how?

Biddy provides it services free of charge to architecture firms and public groups and instead charges a nominal fee to project bidders for the download of bid package documents.

This leads to a much more streamlined experience for project bidders to get a copy of the plans and get themselves onto the planholder’s list.

This unique approach not only weeds out many unqualified bidders, but also allows us to offer our proprietary software and services free of charge.

Over 97 years of industry expertise

My Grandfather Arthur Lohrius and Great Grandfather Charlie Lohrius

I’m Brenden Wyant. My family has been printing construction documents since 1924.

As I entered the family business, I initially saw an opportunity to build a print shop focused specifically on reprography and more specifically by focusing on working with architects who were focused on public projects.

In 2012, I saw the writing on the wall. The industry needed to move towards the digital delivery of plans for a whole host of reasons. The traditional process was time consuming, VERY inconvenient for everyone involved, and unnecessarily costly and wasteful.

So I took a huge gamble and began offering bid package management services which included digital plan delivery to my clients through my company, RevPlans.

Literally overnight, this cannibalized more than 80% of our print revenue from each public project.

Everyone thought I was crazy! Including my clients!

But my team and I believed this was the future and so we stayed the course.

Since then, we have come to serve many of the largest architecture firms in the country for all of their projects in our home state of NY.

With Biddy, we have taken everything we learned through decades of direct experience managing the bid packages across thousands of projects of all shapes and sizes, and have developed our own proprietary software platform which not only brings even more benefits and efficiencies to our clients, but allows us to expand our business to a much wider audience across the country.

Our mission is to eliminate unnecessary waste and cost for public groups, while saving project managers time and headaches by taking the entire bid package deliver process off of their plates.

So if you’re ready to see why so many others trust Biddy to handle their entire bid package process, sign up to upload your first project and we’ll take it from there.

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